“I’m trying to think of something more original than ‘you changed my life’ and what I keep coming up with is that ‘you changed my life.’ I mean you really did.”

Bhama Roget

genius coach + Creative consultant

Bhama Roget, Genius Coach + Creative Consultant

“Working with Robert has been truly transformational to me. Robert has a way of seeing you that draws out your essence and helps you be the best person you can be in the world. His presence and grace are an experience not to be missed.”

What he has created with Coaching from Essence is remarkable, useful, and resonant. My journey as a coach would not be the same without this curriculum, his support and wisdom in delivering it, and the community he has built alongside it. I would not be where I am today without him or the work that he does.

I thoroughly recommend working with him if you get the opportunity, and joining the wonderful community of Futurosity.

Jon Mechan

Leader and Executive Coach

​“In the past few months since I attended the Coaching from Essence program taught by Robert, I have found him to be very knowledgeable, generous, and authentic in his way of coaching, teaching, and just being!”

Participating in the program, receiving 1:1 coaching from Robert, and being part of a community of already thriving coaches has created a learning experience for me much more powerful than I imagined was possible. Robert not only simplifies concepts and effectively teaches about different mindsets, but he also demonstrates them in the way that he shows up, meets everyone where they are, and creates value for them. I highly recommend Robert to coaches, particularly in the executive and leadership development space, and also anyone who’s considering coaching and wants to build an authentic practice.”

Sana Keshtkaran

executive coach + leadership consultant

“Robert is a coach’s coach. Wise, kind, intuitive and generous, being a part of Robert’s coaching community is life giving.”

He offers a place to learn and grow and connect. Can’t recommend his work and community highly enough.

I thoroughly recommend working with him if you get the opportunity, and joining the wonderful community of Futurosity.

Jonathan Bennett

Executive Coach & Advisor to Progressive Leaders

​“Robert is the most impactful coach I’ve ever worked with.”

He’s completely changed my life and my work. His style, wisdom, and values are something you don’t come across very often and I’m eternally grateful to have had the privilege to work with and learn from him.

Arielle Shnaidman

Executive Coach for Founders & Leaders. Product Marketing Strategist for Startups.

“It is said that powerful coaching helps people reframe their reality so they can make different choices in life, break the patterns that no longer serve them, and open up possibilities that never existed before. Training with Robert Ellis did exactly that for me.”

My coaching journey started before I attended his 3-day intensive Coaching from the Essence program. In fact, I was already a certified coach. But attending his training led me to uncover a new way of showing up in life, work, and for my family. Those 3 days left me thinking about my own potential and what I can do for others. I was able to unlock a deeper sense of what it means to “empower people,” a deeper sense of service, a genuine love and appreciation of all things that exist. Following the 3-day intensive, I continued to take Robert’s classes and attended an additional 3-day retreat at Mount Madonna. The journey has been a remarkable one. I love the community, friendships, and camaraderie that I was able to forge through Robert’s trainings. I can safely say that it has defined a turning point in my life and set me off on a journey that I never thought was possible. I feel lucky to have met Robert when I did, and it is truly a privilege for me to be part of the Coaching for Essence community.

Burcu Bakioglu-Clift, Ph.D., UXMC

Senior UX Researcher & Strategist | Certified Coach

​“Robert is/was an executive coach to our executive team. I can undoubtedly recommend Robert and say that he is a highly skilled executive coach as well as an excellent train the trainer of coaches.”

His coaching techniques create a shared language, focus on a strength based approach, foster transparency, and drive a core focus on what is most important. Unlike many coaches, Robert has developed a set of proprietary tools that help teams find and focus on their transformational zones. I would recommend Robert to executives looking for a transformational coach.

Jonathan Doochin

Chief Executive Officer at Soligent Holdings Inc. & Global Renewables Holdings LTD

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